About the INSXCloud

INSXCloud is an intuitive, fully-integrated and customizable multi-carrier quote-to-enroll platform that allows you to access the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM), short-term medical plans, and any other ancillary lines of business that you're licensed to sell.


With one tool that does it all you can complete more applications in less time and with less hassle than other enrollment tools.


Your portal features your unique branding (link, logo and colors), and includes only the lines of business and products you choose to offer.

No Subscription

Pay as you go with $5 per medical enrollment. Ancillary products are free, and application changes are processed at no extra charge.

Quote-to-Enrollment in about 15 Minutes

Try it today - it’s free to register and your first five enrollments are on us!
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Experience the INSXCloud Multi-Carrier Broker Portal

Get the INSXCloud Custom Broker Portal

Already contracted with IHC Specialty Benefits? You qualify for a free INSXCloud broker portal. It takes a few minutes to sign up and doesn’t require a credit card.
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Why INSXCloud?

Maximize Premium and Product Fit

Integrated Calculators to determine ACA subsidy-eligibility and get subsidy-adjusted plan premiums in minutes.

Add Ancillary Products like dental or vision, total premium is automatically calculated.

Supports Your Workflow

Broker Direct Enrollment to enroll customers on the FFM without having to complete the identity proofing step.

Client Enrollment so clients can apply directly via your branded portal and URL, or start the app then have your client complete their enrollment later.

Peace of Mind for You and Your Customers

App Tracking – Get immediate confirmation that the app was completed successfully, then access plan information through your broker platform.


Sell with Confidence – INSXCloud combines FFM ACA and other products you’re licensed to sell into one portal, so you can be confident you’ll be credited.

All Your Products, One Platform, $0 Subscription Fee

Get more done with one multi-carrier platform and $5 per medical application fee plus helpful tools and calculators built right in.
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